Qualities of Tile Adhesive and Development Improvement Strategy

Qualities of Tile Adhesive and Development Improvement Strategy

Artistic Tile Glue Item Attributes

  1. The synthesis of clay tile glue
    Clay tile folio utilizing excellent inorganic cementitious materials, fine totals, Portland concrete, a modest quantity of hydrated lime, and as per item quality level prerequisites added utilitarian added substance organization. The holding execution is essentially higher than the customary concrete.

Tile stick is separated into two primary classifications, one kind is the concrete as the foundation of the dry powder items, and the other is a decent Cement Plastering of natural elastic items, trailed by two-section and arrangement type added substances and the hole for the caulking specialist.
Concrete as the foundation of the clay tile glue: This sort of item from concrete, fine sand, and poly in a specific extent of blended in with dry powder items.


(1) on location development and blended in with water can be glued;
(2) can be utilized for indoor and open air wall floor;
(3) Great water opposition can be utilized for long haul submersion pool, pool;
(4) just applies to the concrete base and the block facade structure doesn’t matter to the gypsum board, the board and may cause the bending, the blackout the substrate.

Natural Cement Tile Glues: These items are predominantly acrylic items, some are PVA or elastic plastic items, to be the point:
(1) Prepared blend can be utilized;
(2) Great adaptability can be utilized for gypsum board, fiberboard, composite board, wood substrate on the top;
(3) Water opposition is marginally poor, can not be utilized for long haul submersion in the pool;
(4) Not appropriate for open air, white plastic items are not reasonable for the floor.

  1. The actual properties of clay tile cement Benefits
    (1) in number, areas of strength for attachment, keep away from the event of void drums or shedding peculiarity;
    (2) The development of block wet wall can clearly further develop work effectiveness, advantageous and quick;
    (3) Great impermeability and against maturing properties;
    (4) has the versatility, may assimilate the base material and the tile the development constriction, successfully forestalls the clay tile break to create, subsequently extends the fired tile administration life;
    (5) with great water obstruction, temperature opposition, waterproof impermeability, freeze-defrost, cold and hot, and quick degeneration, can forestall void drums and breaks. Basic activity, helpful development, high proficiency, great water maintenance, and high glue strength.
  2. Kind of tile paste and application range
    There are many brands of tile stick on the lookout, each brand is separated into many models, execution, and cost shift. Because of clay tile makers, many, blended, item quality and cost is likewise a major contrast.

Development Innovation of tile stick

  1. Tile cement slender Glue strategy
    The flimsy Tile Adhesive technique is another sort of sticking-fired tile innovation, with exceptional ceramic tile glues and toothed scrubber, on the development base surface to scratch the tile cover brush into stripes, and afterward to glue the tiles on the mortar, the utilization of working and compaction of the genuine area of the dry occupation sticking strategy. Its attributes are, unit glue measurements Little, dainty covering, tacky hand areas of strength for off, affirmation, grass-roots, don’t bother gurgling blocks, development speed, and ecological assurance.
  2. Standard practice for Clay tile Glues
    Base surface prerequisites
    (1) Base surface ought to be level, with areas of strength for perfect, residue, oil, and other soil and another free;
    (2) The base surface unpleasantness ought to be checked by 2 meters, the evenness is under 5mm, the verticality is not exactly the 4mm.

Development Instruments

Electric Stirrer (can be the 750~1000w convenient electric drill, with the twisting mixing stick), durable plastic container, toothed scrubber, ceramic tile shaper, level ruler, Cross paste granule, and so on.

Development Innovation

(1) Shot line situating
To decide the ground height and the plane position line, or to the wall surface to play a decent even control line, do a base help straight.

(2) endlessly blending
For the new bunch of concrete mortar base surface, first, empty water into the holder, and afterward put the tile stick into the compartment, as per the standard gouache proportion to mix until the fitting consistency.
As per the extent, altogether the water → added substance → tile stick into the compartment, and mixing simultaneously to mix to the fitting consistency. Can be blended manually or precisely until the powder is free. Subsequent to blending, you want to sit for 5 minutes, then mix and afterward use.

(3) Scratching glue Clearing
With the tooth-molded scrubber will be covered with elastic glue and face, so the uniform appropriation, each time the figure scratching around 1 square, can be constrained by the slant point of the tooth scrubber to change the thickness of the mortar, for the most part 45 degrees slant.
Use from down to top (wall request), from within to the outside or the center to the encompassing (ground request), the tile (or stone plate) massage on the face can be.

The utilization of cross cards to guarantee that the upward, level, joint size consistency; the development interaction ought to be utilized to really take a look at the perfection of the flat ruler or ruler, and adapt.

(1) It is completely restricted to add sand, concrete, and different added substances.
(2) Earthenware tile cement ought to be blended in with the utilization, blending great tile glue ought to be spent in somewhere around 4 hours, has set solidified mortar isn’t permitted to reuse, and ought not be dry of the mortar and water blended reuse.
(3) The immovability, verticality, and evenness of the base surface ought to be affirmed before development.
(4) After the tile glue, in light of the fact that the separation needs change, should change inside the change time, in case influences the force.
(5) The development interaction of the additional tile paste ought to eliminated before solidify.
(6) Check the paste layer on the rear of tiles so as to guarantee that there is no vacant drum peculiarity, or it ought to be occupied in time.
(7) After the consummation of the development 24 hours, the party might step into or fill the crease.
(8) This item is appropriate for use in 5~40℃ climate.

Fired tile Glue Further developed technique

Fired tile standard practice, Tile stick development thickness is generally flimsy, around 6mm, more than the conventional cycle to save materials, diminish costs, yet on the board surface perfection and verticality necessities, and the ongoing Division I board body Quality control impact can not completely meet the prerequisites. To guarantee the development proficiency and development productivity, and the conventional holding cycle to embrace a blend of strategies, earthenware tile standard practice to improve, as follows:
1. the utilization of fired tile stick rather than concrete, the tile paste and water with respect to blend, and mix to even;
2. utilize the concrete digging tool to scratch the tile stick equally on the rear of the wall block;

  1. As per the wall block line ahead of time, the tile paste will be glued on the wall, and the portable thump is genuine;
    4, the utilization of an aluminum amalgam ruler to check, for example, verticality and levelness to meet the necessities of the fixed, in the event that not meet the prerequisites of the tiles eliminated artistic tile paste and afterward glue.
  2. Proposals
    Clay tile cement As a wall block holding material development innovation has been exceptionally experienced, the cycle to lessen the wall block void drum clearly assumed a decent part, and has been generally utilized in different kinds of structures. In the use of tile stick development innovation in the field project the executives, we should calmly understand, diminish, even dispose of the wall block emptying off, etc quality normal issues, the board should initially be laid out in severe consistence with a wide range of standards and lead on the premise, and in situ development endeavors to carry out the execution, yet not completely reliant upon the substitution of materials or innovation changes, all things considered, any improvement in the development cycle can not supplant the essential task the executive’s measures.

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