Itchy Feet in Pregnancy – What Are The Reasons, and Treatment Methods

Itchy Feet in Pregnancy – What Are The Reasons, and Treatment Methods

Among the various pregnancy challenges like morning sickness, swelling in the hands and feet, etc; itching in the feet, belly, hands, or chest is common. Itching during pregnancy may be annoying and embarrassing, but have you ever thought, about what causes it and what are the ways to deal with it?

What are the Reasons Behind Itching in the Feet During Pregnancy?

Itching during pregnancy, which is also known as cholestasis, stems from several reasons. The reasons include:

Fluctuating Hormonal and Immune System

Along with the rising hormones, the immune system also fluctuates and temporarily increases or decreases some functions that the little one inside you would need to develop. This combination of the soaring pregnancy hormones and changing immune system may give rise to several pregnancy-related skin problems:

  • Small and itchy bumps (also known as prurigo)
  • Itchy rash-like hives (also known as PUPP) 
  • Itchy red, scaly patches (also known as eczema)

Nerve Sensitivity

Blame it on your hormones that some of you might feel a little more sensitive during pregnancy. That said, a few “normal” things like wearing tight clothes, wearing the wrong shoes, and a warm feeling can make you feel itchy in your feet.


Due to the rising pregnancy hormones, as well as weight gain, and the growing baby bump, you may experience a few changes in your skin. There are chances that you may feel dryness on your skin and stretchiness on your abdomen, buttocks, breasts, thighs, and face, leaving you with stretch marks as well as itchiness on your feet, and some other parts of your body. Having said that, stretch marks are the reason behind itching during pregnancy.


If you had experienced psoriasis before your pregnancy, during your pregnancy, you may feel relieved from this problem. However, some of you feel a flare-up in the condition while you’re carrying your baby inside your womb, leading to the feeling of itchiness on your feet and some of the other parts of your body.


The liver sends bile to your digestive tract which further helps in breaking down the dietary fat. Due to the combination of hormonal and digestive changes during pregnancy, the liver would not function properly and build up bile which can lead to itching on the feet as well as other parts of the body.

What are the Ways to Treat Itchy Feet During Pregnancy?  

There are several ways to get your itchy feet treated and get some relief from the itch. The treatment methods include:

  • Getting a massage done: You might need a foot massage may be by your partner or in a massage parlour by a massage therapist. A trained masseuse will avoid the acupressure points and gently massage your feet and places around the ankles. This will not just keep your nerves distracted, but keep the itchiness of your feet less.
  • Use moisturisers: Using odourless moisturisers made out of shea or cocoa butter can keep the itchiness of your feet less. However, do check with your doctor, if you somehow need a medicinal lotion.
  • Soothing foot baths: For instance, oatmeal baths, and cool as well as cold baths can keep your itchy skin calm. You can even apply ice for about 15 mins to reduce your itchiness.
  • Wear new socks: The socks have to be made out of cotton which is also breathable and can keep the itchiness at bay.
  • Use coconut oil: Applying coconut oil on your feet overnight may not just keep your skin moist, but it may also keep the skin from itching.
  • Use aloe vera: This can again moisten use your skin and reduce your itching.

Itching, as we have mentioned before is a common pregnancy challenge. In case, your itchiness is worsened, visit the doctor.

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